Professional volunteers, serve as a guardian angel for social enterprises: group starts pro bono social enterprise consulting service!

On December 14, SCG concluded an agreement for pro bono with the Work Together Foundation.


CEO & Associate Consultant GO Young is generating a lot of attention for his organization, Social Consulting Group, from their willingness to donate time and talent even in complicated cases. SCG is a leading pro bono service for social entrepreneurs and consists of professionals in business consulting, financial account, marketing, and other fields. SCG consultants strive to make and support various successful social enterprise models inKorea.


SCG and the Work Together Foundation (chaired by SONG Wol Joo) concluded an agreement that matched pro bono groups and social enterprises at the Work Together Foundation on the 14th of December, 2008.


The agreement calls for intensive consulting related to five social enterprises, building a concrete SE support network, and cooperating to build practical business models to engage a range of people. In addition, they are planning a coaching and mentoring program organized by people in their twenties to help others in that age group envision a different kind of life’s work.


SCG’s GO Young reportedly donates 80% donation of his annual income to the disadvantaged and started the volunteer service in October 2007. Now it has 18 professionals from various business fields and 10 internship students. Based on previous non-profit organization consulting on the Beautiful Foundation, Northeast Asia Peace Movement and other organizations, they continue and expand their pro bono services. This year, they have committed to intensive business consulting under the agreement with the Work Together Foundation.



Many celebrities attended the signing ceremony: JIN Young (politician for Hannara-dang, the Grand National Party); officials from the Ministry of Labor; YOO Byung Sun (the author of Bonobo Revolution); and KIM Jin Hwa, the director of Cham Sinaneun Clothes co. Ltd. (a social enterprise which gets SCG consulting service).


A strategy development official from the Work Together Foundation said, “Based on the result of pro bono matching this year, the foundation will work as a coordinator of pro bono and be a platform to select social enterprises and match them to the pro bono group.”

Extracted from Yonhap News, 12 December, 2008





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