Ansan Medical & Life Co-operative association

<Social Impact>

Social Mission & Purpose “Social Enterprise – Financed, Used & Managed by Citizens”


- Activities for “keeping health when we are healthy”

- Providing medical services that protect patients’ human rights

- Providing medical & care services to disadvantaged groups

(the aged, the disabled, migrant workers, etc.)

- Activities for health care & prevention

- Making & supporting various health communities

- Giving back profits to the community


Contact Avantage Ventures at +86 10 6563 7704 or

5/F CBD International Building. 16 YongAn DongLi, ChaoYang District, Beijing. 100020, China


1. To make ourselves, our neighborhoods, our communities, and

our society healthy

2. To establish a medical center as a community center

(Integrated community, medical care and culture)

Country or Area of Focus Ansan city, Gyeonggi province

<Strengths / Achievements>

- Strong relationship between members and organizations

- Infrastructure to provide medical & care services

- Community spirit

- Good partnership between the NGO and local government

- Certified by the government as a social enterprise

- Increased participation of citizens (members of organization)

- Organization gave back profits to the community

“Let’s keep health when we are healthy”

Address: Royal plaza 3rd floor, 445-18, Wolpi-Dong, Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Kyonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person:

[ name, title]

1. HAN, Sang Woon, Manager (Dept. of Planning)

2. KIM Cho Hwan, Director (Dept. of Management)

Contact Details:

[ telephone, email ]


Website: (Under renewal)

No. of Persons: 31

Established Since: 2000

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