Tree Planet

To Make a Greener Planet


Tree Planet is a social venture that allows people to plant an actual tree in the real world by planting a virtual tree on the Internet. It is taking a commercial approach in resolving global environmental problems.

·        General users can grow their own virtual trees using smart phone applications and the web

·        Advertisements of businesses are displayed in the process of growing the virtual trees

·        Environmental NGOs plant real trees with the advertisement expenses paid by companies and the government

·        General users participate in protecting the environment for free

·        Enterprises can gain advertising benefits along with a forest with their own name by sponsoring this project


Social Mission:

Provide a sustainable solution for people to protect the environment joyfully.


The number of the employees: Six, including Kim Hyung-Su, the representative

Awards: Won First Place in the Social Venture Competition Asia (SVCA) in 2010

Recognitions: As a member of the G20 Seoul Summit committee of arrangements, Tree Planet developed the official iPhone and android applications of the G20 Seoul Summit





Phone: 02-569-2431


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