New Immigrant Women Dream of a New Korea

EcoFemme functions as a cultural and economic community for female immigrants and children who are isolated and discriminated against in Korea. There are various female immigrants with their own stories within EcoFemme. It educates and supports the immigrants so that those who came to Korea with their babies can settle well in this country, become members of Korean society, and grow as leaders.


EcoFemme Dreams of a New Korea!

With the identity and cultural sensitivity of female immigrants, EcoFemme is introducing a new point of view on female immigrants, by trying to help them become decent painters, culture project managers and multi-cultural teachers.


Business Model

·        Selling handicrafts made by female immigrants:

Illustrated cards, porcelain products, Korean nacre, leather accessories, etc

·        Nurturing promising writers:

Exhibits of illustrated works/Presentations of stories for children

·        Running African culture classes:

Zembe Band, pole pole, African dancing


Social Mission:

Help female immigrants achieve economic and social self-sufficiency by making the most of their cultural talent, and contribute to the enhancement of cultural diversity in Korean society.


The number of the employees: Four, including Park Jin-sook, the representative.

Awards: 3rd Place in the category of Start-up Business in the 2009 National Social Venture Competition

Recognitions: Participation in the Asia round of the GSVC (Global Social Venture Competition) 2010




Phone: 02-336-9529

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