Giving People New Minds, Changing Waste to New Products


Touch4Good initiated up-cycling by facing the unpleasant truth that banners are being used everywhere and buried under the land thoughtlessly.

Up-cycling, is the smart recycling practice of converting waste material into products of greater value. The company is converting waste material or useless products such as abandoned banners and advertisement boards at subway stations into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value, including bags and wallets. The firm awakens people to the fact that recklessly abandoned used banners are contaminating our environment, naturally leading them to act in a better way to solve the problem.


Touch4Good's “Only one bag in the whole universe” and “More donations”

-       Unique Fashion:
White-elephant advertisement boards have been transformed into decent bags and accessories. The moment you buy one, it is sold out.


-       Better Solution:
Environmentally friendly social responsibility projects, campaigns, suggestion/planning/practicing of the items


-       Education, the Start of a Small Change:
Running urban environmental education programs

*Touch4Good is not only limited to up-cycling. It also operates a green solution project in which the planning, suggestion and practices of environmentally friendly movements and campaigns by companies and organizations are created. It is also running environmental education programs that encourage small changes in people's daily lives. Part of the profits is used to help those who suffer from environment-related diseases.

Social Mission:

Remind People, Recycle Waste, Up-Cycling!


The number of the employees: 10, including Park Mi-Hyun, the representative.

Awards: 1st Place in the category of start-up business in the 2009 Social Venture Competition.

Recognitions: Nominated as a Seoul Social Enterprise in 2010





Phone: 070-8268-2068

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