Health and Social care co-op Wonju

<Social Impact>

Social Mission & Purpose To create a healthy and safe local community

Country or Area of Focus Wonju-si (city), Gangwon-do


- To teach about healthy and safe eating habits in cooperation with organic farming families

- To connect house-repair enterprises with families to improve energy efficiency in housing, 

  while recognizing health problems caused by climate change

- To decrease chemical abuse and teach ecological and healthy living habits

<Strength / Achievement>

- Settlement of a democratic, open and participating management system based upon participation of local residents(for financing, utilization and operation)

- Acquisition of user’s high satisfaction by providing integrated health, medical and welfare services

- Realization of social value as a social enterprise through involvement in the healthy growth of the local community, as well as addressing personal health problems

<Sustainable Method>

- Residents’ trust has been increased and working satisfaction is also evaluated high by a democratic operating system to which local residents, service users, and participating workers attend

- We have established an expansive and complete social service system by networking various social resources in the local community

- We have given priority to the disadvantaged when hiring for each field of service, and provided equally stable health, medical care, and welfare services, even to the disadvantaged

Address: Jungang-dong 122, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Contact Person : CHOI, Hyeok Jin (Executive director)

Contact Details : +82-(0)33-744-7572,


No. of Persons: 48

Established Since: May 4th, 2002

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