Social enterprise Beakdoo Food

<Social Impact>

Social Mission & Purpose Baekdoo was established by Sae-Tomin - those who escaped

from North Korea- in 2000. It sells elm, a well-known local food of North Korea, as well as noodles and steamed buns. The main goal is to create employment for Sae-Tomin. It plans to build the

center to support them in the future with its business profit.

Country or Area of Focus Gyeonggi-do (province)


If the business earns a profit, we plan to strengthen the air cleaner systems and make a

cafeteria for workers to have meals in order to improve working conditions.

<Strength / Achievement>

Provide naeng-myeon (cold noodles) to 10,000 people in social welfare facilities(social welfare

centers, sanatoriums for the elderly, child protection facilities) around Gyeonggi-do and hire

the disadvantaged (the elderly, low-income groups) in Gimpo-si where the business is located

<Sustainable Method>

- Operating a social factory and food/restaurant department, and creating employment for the disadvantaged

- Opening a second food office in Bucheon to create more opportunities for the disadvantaged to get jobs

Address: 246-1, Gojeong-ri, Tongjin-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do

Contact Person : AHN, Gye Ja

Contact Details : 031-996-4077


No. of Persons: 42

Established Since: 2000

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