The Dasomi Foundation

<Social Impact>

Social Mission & Purpose 

To create employment for the disadvantaged 

To offer social services for the disadvantaged

Country or Area of Focus Seoul, Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, Busan (6 main cities in Korea)


1. Making the air clean and disinfecting areas for patients by removing indoor pollutants and

improving the environment

2. Planning to reduce garbage and dump hazardous waste correctly

<Strength / Achievement>

1. We make it a priority to hire women who are the heads of households who have care giver certificates, and give them 40 hours unpaid training annually

2. It’s possible to be competitive in the market with a career at DASOMI

3. We improve the rights and working conditions of the disadvantaged under the Labor Standards Law

4. We help patients return to society or recover through better services

5. We offer social services for the disadvantaged in local communities and develop other businesses associated with local governments

<Sustainable Method>

1. Creating employment for the disadvantaged with government supports

2. Encouraging private enterprises to make a social contribution through continuous job creation for the disadvantaged, instead of just temporarily showing off

3. Use external resources to help the disadvantaged return to society

Address: 5th floor, Working Together Foundation Building, 203-4 Donggyodong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Contact Person : Park, Junghee, the director

Contact Details : +82(0)70-7057-2070 /


No. of Persons: 264

Established Since: 2007

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