Issue/WT Notices2012.06.07 10:20

Dr. Tea-Gil JUNG has been Appointed as

the New Managing Director

of the Work Together Foundation

Tea-Gil JUNG is Managing Director of the Work Together Foundation. Before he joined the foundation, he worked for several organizations which concern major labor issues in Korea. He worked for the Korea Credit Gurantee Fund Union as the 5th union chairman, and for the Korea Housing Finance Corporation as a general manager. While he worked as chairman of KCGF Union, he got his doctorate degree in labor law for upgrading the status of laborers. He also worked for the national assembly for 5 years as legislative secretary and commissioners. With his wide knowledge and diverse experiences in law and finance, he tries to build a social finance market for social entrepreneurship and improve the social enterprise promotion act in Korea. He plans to research social capital market with other professionals this year.

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