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WT Newsletter, January – Jun, 2011

[Korean Social Enterprises News]

1. Local Government Adds Bonus Points to Women-Led Enterprises and Social Enterprises on the Public Tender

Ministry of Public Administration & Security Revises the Bidding Standards on Local Government Tender

From now on, points will be added for women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who tender for construction of or provision of articles that local governments order.
On April 28th, the Ministry of Public Administration & Security (MOPAS) announced that the revised “Bidding Standards on Local Government Tender” will be reinforced from May 1st, 2011

According to the revision, 10% of management status points will be added to the screening test, when the ratio of engineering and construction by women-led enterprises is more than 10%. Social enterprises will also get 0.5 extra points on credibility of screening test on procurement tenders.

MOPAS will also lower the admissible score ratio of investment on technical development from 200% to 150% for expanding opportunities for the small and medium sized construction companies to win bids for constructions that are worth more than 10 billion-Korean won.

Reference: Money Today


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