Give Wings to Goodwill Ideas!
Social Venture Competition 2009

(Final Round) 



The Social Venture Competition, which has been ongoing since last May, wrapped up its entire schedule with the final round on Thursday, November 5th. The competition supports business start-ups or ideas in pursuit of both social and economic values. A total of 600 teams applied to the competition from all over Korea. Of them, 42 teams were chosen in regional competitions, moving a step closer to the final competition.



 Many people came to the venue to participate in the Social Venture National Competition



   Posters were made by the final-round teams.



In the final round, each team made a breathtaking presentation, delighting the audience. They nodded their heads in approval of the innovative ideas on display and applauded even when the presenters made some mistakes.



  ▲ A presenter presenting in front of the judges





 The judges’ panel was made up of experts from various fields such as government, civil society, corporation, academics, etc.



 Meanwhile, promotional booths for ethical consumption drew the attention of attendees in the lobby of the venue. People could be naturally reminded of the meaning of social entrepreneurship and fair trade while enjoying coffee, cookies and sandwiches produced by social enterprises. They also enjoyed taking pictures in front of the photo zone, which featured the 42 flags of the 42 final round teams, as well as balloons.



 The photo-zone with balloons celebrating the Social Venture Competetion





   The 42 flags of 42 final round teams


The awards ceremony was bittersweet, with both feelings of cheer and sadness. That is because the participants’ endeavors, which lasted for a few months at shortest and a few years at longest, were finally being judged and only few would get awards. A total of 14 teams were declared winners in the competition. The 1st prize winners were 'Gongsin’ (in the Start-up Enterprise Section) and 'Hanul’ (in the Idea Section).


 'Gongsin' won the excellence award in the Start-up Enterprise Section.



  'Hanul' won the excellence award in the Idea Section.



The participants who didn’t get any awards did not seem to be too depressed. We believe the teams which didn't win will use their sorrow to motivate them in the future!




Translated by KIM Mi-Ji
Edited by Patrick Ferraro and Marie Lee

Posted by hamkke