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On the last day of ASES 2008, there was a plenary session about social entrepreneurship in Asia organized by Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute.

In this session, the present status and problems of social entrepreneurs were explained, and a picture was painted of an ideal model for them. In addition, there was a discussion of what problems serve as obstacles for these entrepreneurs and what support and help are required for enhancing their management competency.





During the coffee break, Ito Takeshi from Japan introduced his social enterprise, ASOBOT and Peace Communication as a way of making peace.



At the closing ceremonies, there was a keynote address on social entrepreneurs in Asia from PARK Won Sun, the executive director of the Hope Institute.




After that, participants from eight Asian countries read the ASES 2008 Seoul Declaration, and promised to have continuous networking and cooperation for resolving social problems in Asia through social entrepreneurship.


SONG Wol Joo, the chairman of ASES 2008 envisioned social entrepreneurship that builds an alternative society across Asia.






Chandukgung(palace) Tour after ASES 2008






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