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The Institute for Strategic Leadership Visited 
Korean Social Enterprises for Three Days



Seven people from the Social Innovation Center of the Institute for Strategic Leadership in Japan visited the Work Together Foundation on June 16. The Center for Social Innovation of the Institute for Strategic Leadership in Japan was established for the purpose of generating leaders who innovate society with a mind for passion, creativity and the public. The center provides various educational programs for leadership and social innovation.

The visitors met each of the organizations that are each located within the Work Together Foundation building.  These organizations include the National Council of Social Enterprises in Korea, the Dasomi Foundation, the Jobarte, the Hope Network for the Next Generation, and the Mapo FM. Each organization was introduced after sharing the overview and the presentation of Korean Social Enterprises. It was meaningful to have time to discuss the role of each organization as a social enterprise or a supporting organization for social entrepreneurship and also its further outlook.  


The Institute for Strategic Leadership has supported more than 200 leaders including major entrepreneurs, professors, and business professionals; all those who visited Korea this time were professionals or practitioners on social entrepreneurship in Japan. These constituents evaluated Korean social enterprises’ various experiments and experiences, and went on to deem these impressive. They also expected to create various co-operative business relationships between Korea and Japan for the development of social entrepreneurship in each country.

The visiting group attended the Work Together Foundation and Korean social enterprises, and then participated in the Social Entrepreneurship networking party (co-hosted by the Schwab Foundation and the Work Together Foundation on June 18. During their visit, they introduced the Social Entrepreneurs’ Leadership and social entrepreneurship in Japan at the Open Forum with Prof. RHA June-Young organized by the Work Together Foundation. In addition, they took time to have an create a perspective on the present status and the future potential of Korean social enterprise while visiting successful social enterprises such as Beautiful Store, Teapot, Haja Center, Baekdoo Food, and Org Dot  









Translated by CHO, Su Yeon
Edited by Tyler Hollinger & Marie LEE

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