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Presentation on Social Entrepreneurship Certification Opens for

Social Enterprises in West Seoul



This is the process for social entrepreneurship certification…


The Work Together Foundation held a presentation on social entrepreneurship certification for social enterprises in West Seoul at the Foundation building on April 9 (Fri.) and April 13 (Tue.), 2010. Each session lasted for two hours. The first presentation covered various examples of management in and out of the country and social values of social enterprises to raise the recognition of their roles. The sessions on the first day included covering the current domestic status and support services for social enterprises, , Q&A, and one-to-one consulting meetings. The main session on the 13th was which associated the understanding of conditions and issues with the actual writing of certification applications, followed by a Q&A session and one-to-one consulting meetings.


This was the first open presentation since the 2010 plan for social entrepreneurship certification was officially announced, attracting about fifty participants on each day, reflecting the great interest in the topic.


The sessions entitled introduced seven supporting services for social enterprises, certification conditions for social entrepreneurship, issues such as criteria for temporary permission, and check points in preparing for documentation.


Inquiries followed on organizational independence, evidence documentation for paid employees, sustainable growth models through profit-making, etc.


Organizations that applied for one-to-one consultation in advance could explore more details with consultants from the WT. Even those who were not on the reservation list enthusiastically waited to receive consultation until the reserved consultations were over.


One-on-one consultation…


Certification evaluation for social entrepreneurship is going to take place four times this year. Candidate organizations need to have a pre-consultation with relevant supporting agencies to submit the necessary documents for certification application.



 Apr. 9, 2010


Translated by CHOI Eun-Young
Edited by Patrick Ferraro

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