Create an Eco-Friendly and Safe Family Play Culture


Obangnori is a social venture managed by women with interrupted careers due to marriage, pregnancy or childbirth. Talented housewives came up with the idea to move from isolated parenting to career development and self-realization.

'Ju-Ryung-Gu' turtle, the mascot of Obangnori, is a hand-made, environmentally friendly toy. In creating the toys, various colors of natural dye and unprocessed cotton are used in order to develop children's sense of touch, hearing and sight. Also, many kinds of inner materials and a traditional Korean method of knotting are utilized.


·        Obang Toys:

Producing and distributing eco-friendly toys

·        Obang Playground:

Creating playgournds for playing, culture and education

·        Obang Play:

Planning program of play, education and culture


Kids, Play with Mothers!


Obangnori creates an environmentally friendly and safe play culture among family members

·        It pursues its own and unique style in materials, design and services.

·        It develops a comprehensive program in play, education and culture.

·        It makes a play culture where all family members get together.

Obangnori seeks to regain the self-esteem and self-reliance of women with interrupted careers.

·        It strengthens expertise through education, training and networking.

·        It helps people share their lives with each other and creates more jobs.


Social Mission:

Creating an environmentally friendly and safe play culture among family members, seeking to help women with interrupted careers regain their self-esteem and self-reliance while also achieving economic and social self-sufficiency.


The number of the employees: Five, including Park Jeong-E, the representative

Awards: 3rd Place in the category of Start-up Business in the 2010 Seoul∙Gangwon Regional Round of the National Social Venture Competition

Recognitions: Nominated as one of the final candidates in the 2010 G Market Project for supporting (pre)social enterprises by promoting ethical consumption


Blog: blog.naver.com/obangnori

Twitter: twitter.com/obangnori

Phone: 02-337-7661

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