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2009 SBS Hopeful TV

 Star “Popcorns” go to the Center of Starvation


SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) is going to broadcast a fund-raising donation program with a number of celebrities participating. SBS has displayed relief activities for children in Africa and the Third World for 12 years through ’24 Hour Hunger Experience’.

Korean top stars such as JANG Seo-Hee, PARK Yong-Ha, PARK Si-Hu, PARK Si-Yeon, and YOON So-Yi gathered at the program production announcement press conference held at the SBS Hall at 2 a.m. on August 13. A representative star “Popcorn” from the Work Together Foundation (WTF), JANG Seo-Hee will be going to Nepal to meet children who are forced to be for a living in tent villages.  The five stars are going for voluntary services where they are scheduled to visit places teeming with starvation worldwide for a month in August. PARK Si-Yeon leaves for Bangladesh on the 15th of August to see children in red light districts, PARK Yong-Ha plans to visit an orphan village in Chad, the poorest African nation, PARK Si-Hu will go to the Ivory Coast to create a soccer program of hope for African children, and YOON So-Yi will meet Congolese children suffering from drinking water pollution. 

They will also take the lead in donation-raising activities. PARK Si-Yeon sold fair trade coffee as a one-day salesperson and is going to donate the total earnings. 

PARK Yong-Ha took part in selling African food at the Lotte Duty Free from 4 to 6 p.m. on the same day and is going to donate the total gains, too. He was once appointed as spokesperson for Good Neighbors upon the opportunity through <2009 SBS Hopeful TV>.

The efforts of these young stars’ fund-raising events and voluntary work in the field of starvation will be introduced through <2009 SBS Hopeful TV> on the 23rd and 24th of October. 

This program is a link of the ‘Popcorn Campaign’ at the corporate level in SBS started in last 
spring. The ‘Popcorn Campaign’ is a sharing campaign nationwide with the import of transmitting sharing culture like a tiny kernel being popped and creating a much larger and fulfilling popcorn.

Representative Korean NGOs such as Community Chest of Korea, Good Neighbors, Good People, Save The Children, World Vision, UNICEF Korea, Work Together Foundation, amongst others, will also join <2009 SBS Hopeful TV> in coming Fall.





Translated by CHOI Eun-Young
Edited by Tyler Hollinger

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