Solve Education Problems with University Students’ Passion


Gongsin means "Let's study in new and fun ways, and become gods of studying" in Korean. As a Seoul Social Venture, it provides self-initiative study lectures for free or for an affordable fee through its website (www.gongsin.com). Gongsin was established to solve the problem of disadvantaged students who are falling behind in their studies. It also attempts to solve the issue of a decrease in the ability to study on one's own initiative and the increase in over-reliance on private education.

Gongsin provides methods of "self-initiative studying" and a mentoring system for low income class students, which are effective ways to keep a balance between public and private education, without relying on private education. This continuously motivates the students by reminding them why they need to study.

Become a mentor to every student in Korea!

  Mentoring Business

-       Provides 1:1 mentoring to low-income students

-       After participating in the mentoring program, the philosophy and study methods of mentors are shared on the Gongsin website to spread the information nationwide

 ↑↓---Earned profits are reused in the mentoring program---

Online Business

-       Provides online self-initiative study contents for free to low income students and for an affordable fee to general students

-       Currently, more than 200,000 students have joined, and it is registered as a teenager-recommended website


Gongsin tries to provide either an online or offline mentor to every disadvantaged student and solve the problems of an abnormal system of private education and unequal educational opportunities in Korea.


“Create a world where anyone, regardless of class and region, can dream and 

achieve that dream by studying.”


Number of employees: Six, including Kang Sung-Tae, the representative

Awards: First Place in the 2009 Social Venture Competition

Recognitions: Nominated as a Seoul Social Enterprise


Homepage: www.gongsin.com

Blog: blog.naver.com/gongsin_com

Twitter: twitter.com/gongsin_com

Phone: 070-8263-0979

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