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SEO TAE JI* Fandom Giving Circle** Signed an Agreement
for Donation for Teenagers






The Work Together Foundation and the ‘SEO TAE JI Giving Circle’ signed a donation agreement for supporting teenagers in low-income families on November 19, 2009 and are now going to start activities in earnest.


The ‘SEO TAE JI Giving Circle,’ with the intent of sharing the hope they learned from their mentor, SEO Tae-Ji, with teenagers, is attracting public attention by focusing on creating alternatives for fandom donation, which was characterized by one-time donations, with the motto of ‘Freedom, Challenge, Creation and Independence.'


The supporting fund formed for teenagers in low-income families has now become more meaningful because of its fundraising at SEO Tae-Ji’s birthday party last February and the collections of regular donations during his nationwide concert tour.


The Circle’s representatives said that while they are going to concentrate their resources on the collections of regular donations and fundraising to stabilize support activities for the time being, they will also make efforts to create donating activities including cultural lectures through which donors themselves could foster their social capabilities and go beyond one-time donation.


It is noteworthy that this proactive challenge initiated by SEO TAE JI’s fans is making a difference in the name of such a popular cultural icon.




For your information:


* Seo Tai-ji is a famous South Korean rock singer, musician and songwriter. After dropping out of high school to pursue a music career, he has risen to become one of the most prominent and influential cultural icons in all of Korea; many refer to him as the "culture president of Korea.”


* * What is a ‘Giving Circle’? 
A giving circle refers to a small-sized but innovative group of donors who gather around common values and justice. They make contributions autonomously, categorize fields of interest for each donor, and include participation and learning together with the donation itself.








Translated by CHOI Eun-Young
Edited by Patrick Ferraro

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