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Launching Ceremony for ‘KB Teenagers’ Dream’


KB Kookmin Bank to Support Vocational Education for Youths from Low-Income Families



The launching ceremony for ‘KB Teenagers’ Dream’ was held at the Work Together Foundation on June 20, attended by around 100 teenagers. ‘KB Teenagers’ Dream’ intends to support vocational education and provide training fees for low-income teenagers.


Sponsored by KB Kookmin Bank (President: KANG Chung-Won) and co-hosted by the Work Together Foundation and the Korea Self-Sufficiency Promotion Agency, ‘KB Teenagers’ Dream’ provides opportunities for teenagers to grow to be confident members of society by letting them explore various jobs and eventually find actual jobs.



Executive Director LEE Kwang-Taek of the WT said in his welcoming remarks, “Chances are for those who dream. I expect the camp will give you valuable opportunities to deeply explore your aptitude and career path.”


Director KIM Jin-Hong of the Strategy Division of KB Kookmin Bank encouraged teenagers, saying “I hope this will be such a chance to find the job you really want to do when you grow up.”




President WON Sung-Hee of the Korea Self-Sufficiency Promotion Agency added “I hope you will learn that you are really valuable through this camp.”


The participating teenagers took an oath and a commemorative photograph together.





They are going to participate in ‘The Youth Career Path Camp’ at Cheonan Sangrok Resort on the 20th and 21st. A total of 300 or so will have various experiences through the programs such as ‘Opening Hearts,’ ‘Career Portfolio,’ ‘Making Future Business Cards,’ ‘Making Career Buttons,’ ‘Dialogue with Career People,’ and ‘Excursion to Job Fields.’


Twenty teenagers will be selected as beneficiaries of vocational training fees spanning one year.






Translated by CHOI Eun-Young
Edited by Patrick Ferraro & Marie LEE


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