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Global Nanum Festival ‘2010 SBS Hope TV’ Report


2010 SBS Hope TV, which asks people to spread the culture of sharing by making donations in person, was held for the second straight year by SBS, Community Chest of Korea, and six NGOs (the Work Together Foundation, Good Neighbors, Save the Children Korea, World Vision and the Korean Committee for UNICEF). This donation campaign visited people with the theme of helping children living in poverty both in and outside of Korea. The Work Together Foundation got around 600 donors to partner with the foundation when it works to help children living in poverty.


Here are the four donation points provided by 2010 SBS Hope TV:



 #1. Donate with a theme that interests you!

 In 2010 SBS Hope TV, NGOs make donations with the theme of ‘helping children living in poverty both in and outside of Korea.’ Donors often report feeling more satisfaction when they know their money is going towards solving a problem they feel strongly about.












#2. Make digital donations using the latest technology!


On April 23, the main street of Gang-nam was transformed into ‘donating street.’ People were able make donations to help children living in poverty by using Mediapoll, a machine installed in various locations from Gang-nam subway station to Shinnonhyeon station.












#3. Donate with famous TV stars!



 Ahn Jae-Mo, Lee Young-Eun, Go Eun-Mi, Hong Soo-A, Gwangsu and Woo Ji-Won participated in the campaign by selling food. The Work Together Foundation operated ‘Ya-In Beer’ with Ahn Jae-mo, who is one of the main actors in the SBS Drama ‘Generation of Ya-In.’ Profits will be used to help children in Haiti who lost their homes in the earthquake.



#4. Give UP, Gi-Boo (‘donation’ in Korean) UP?! Challenge yourself with unusual donations.

 By giving up small things, can you help people in need? Yes, you can! An event encouraging unusual donations, called ‘Give UP, Gi-Boo UP’ was held by the Samchuly, a leading bicycle company in Korea. By giving up things like coffee, people can save money that can then be donated to help others.















#5. SBS Hope TV Donation Live! “Become a Global Society” Sharing Festival.


All of the above events, celebrity volunteers who visited Haiti, and “Donation Drama” were wrapped up on the air. While the show was being broadcast, 150 telemarketers and around 180 volunteers answered phones to accept donations from viewers. As a result, KRW 290 million was raised.






Translated by KIM Gyeol

Edited by Marie LEE & Patrick Ferraro

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