Achievements of the Social Venture Incubating Center.

Achievements in supporting the enterprises within the center

·        Operating 20 social venture incubating programs

·        Building five methods for creating a social venture management system

·        Enhancing communication between the offices and the center

·        Strengthening the support of the foundation for the enterprises within the center

Achievements in operating the center

·        Building the operating system and infrastructure

·        Enhancing the capability of the incubator program

·        Participating in the ASES2010 (Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit) as a session organizer on social venture incubating

Achievements of the enterprises within the center

·        Four enterprises surpassing the break-even point: Gongsin, CIZION, Communication Woody, Tree Planet)

·        Winning various competitions:

_Tree Planet (Won the Excellence Award in the Social Venture Competition Asia and was selected as the official smart phone application for the 2010 G20 exhibition)

_CIZION (Champion in college venture start-up competition, gold medal at the National Social Venture Competition)

_Touch4Good (Ministry of Employment and Labor Award, sponsored by the Work Together Foundation in application)

·        Strengthening promotion through the media- 80 times in 2010: Appearance of Touch4Good in MBC’s Infinite Challenge (a.k.a. Muhan Dojeon; Korean)

·        Certification of Seoul Social Enterprises: Gongsin, Touch4Good

·        Implementing and clarifying social missions

_Gongsin: Providing a weekly mentoring service for 73 low-income students / Providing free lecture and consulting for 2,000 people

_SYRUS: Conducting creator-friendly distribution of profits (70% for the creator)

_CIZION: Providing service against restricted identification on the Internet / Expanding donations through the replies/comments donation model

_EcoFemme: Offering free Korean classes for foreigners / Cultivating multi-cultural female writers, Offering multi-cultural education

_Obangnori: Operating picture book reading workshops for mothers and facilitating presentations

_Communication Woody: Conducting the principle of 7:3 (profit 7, non-profit 3) / Uncomfortable Green Tea Party (women's environmental network)

_Touch4Good: Opening environmental workshops for children / Campaigning of recycling the used banners of electoral candidates

_Tree Planet: Affiliating with the Forest of Life / Seeking cooperation with actual people beyond the act of planting trees

_Halfproject: Donating 143 pizzas to local study rooms through the 1/2 Domino Pizza Campaign 

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