Make a World Where There Is Communication between Humans, Society, and Nature.


CIZION, the first social venture in the IT industry, aims to create a rich, healthy web system by facilitating a social commenting service library, a leadership/discussion training service (Captain Factory) and research in online communication.


Live Reply, Live Re!

Comments are becoming more and more important in online communication. LiveRe, provided by CIZION, is a “comment communication platform” which reduces spam/abusive comments and creates more communication.


) Send comments at the same time by logging in to a SNS

) Attach pictures and videos

) Give more vitality to comments

) Self-regulate abusive comments

) Post as a guest

) Facilitate livelier communication

) Volunteer by commenting

) Vitalize participation, sharing and donating



Social Mission

Reduce abusive comments through communication technology, 

and make a world with true freedom of expression.

Number of employees: Nine, including Kim Bum-Jin, the representative

Awards: Second Place in the 2010 Social Venture Competition, First Place in the 2010 Korean University Students’ Social Venture Competition


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Phone: 070-8268-1710


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