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[May 15, 2012] WT Newsletter #4- International News from the WT 1.

‘2012 SELF Asia with ASES’ is Coming Up!

‘SELF Asia with ASES’ will be held in Jeonju, Jeonbuk Province in Korea from July 2nd to 4th , 2012 to encourage social entrepreneurship in Asia.

‘SELF Asia with ASES’ attempts to create an ecosystem - including a policy agenda, a supporting structure regarding the development of sustainable communities, and global cooperation - in order to encourage social entrepreneurship in Asia. Its vision is to foster a sustainable environment for Asian social enterprises and encourage sustainable development by offering a platform for discussions of policy issues and by linking funding channels to social enterprises.

ASES (Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit) was initially organized with the vision of promoting cooperation and exchange among social entrepreneurs who share the cultural and geographical bond of being of Asian and to create sustainable social enterprises in Asia. Through the first and the second ASES, with more than 500 participants from 15 countries, it has contributed to expanding a network and creating discourse among Asian social entrepreneurs based on themes and industries.

The third ASES will held in 2012 with SELF Asia (Social Enterprise Leaders Forum in Asia), hosted by the Korean Network for Social Enterprise, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and the Jeonbuk Provincial Government, and organized by the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency and the Work Together Foundation.

The theme of ‘2012 SELF Asia with ASES’ is “Creating solidarity among Asian social enterprises and an environment that promotes sustainable growth.” The main agendas of the main sessions include: Creating public and private governance (Innovative Partnership); Defining the roles of community regeneration and social enterprises; Creating measures to foster solidarity in Asia to secure the sustainable growth of social enterprises; Defining the role of the younger generation in revitalizing the social economy.

There will be workshops providing opportunities to Asian social entrepreneurs to expand their enterprises by introducing them to funding resources and the CSRs of various corporations. Orientation and promotion of the Work Together Foundation’s “Smile Together Partnership,” which provides funding, consulting and general support for establishing social enterprises in developing countries for three consecutive years with an annual assessment and audit, will be introduced during the forum.

To find out how to participate in and join 2012 SELF Asia with ASES, please visit:

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