Ansung Medical Co-operative

<Social Impact>

Social Mission & Purpose

Ansung Medical Co-operative is an organization which is owned and operated by cooperative members.

It also provides qualified medical services through reliable medical institutions.

It tries to achieve welfare and healthcare within its community and

keep residents and cooperative members healthy.

Country or Area of Focus Anseong-si (city), Gyeonggi-do


Voluntary participation of about 3,000 local families who agree with the objective of social enterprises

Stabilization in management and recognition from local communities with workers’ devoted activities

Establishment of an integrated welfare-health service system for the disadvantaged

<Sustainable Method>

* Operating under the seven principles of cooperatives:

- Self-controlled and open organization

- Democratic operation by cooperative’s members

- Economic participation of cooperative’s members

- Self-control and reliance

- Offering information about education and training

- Collaboration among cooperatives

- Contribution to local communities

Address: 414-5, Ingi-dong, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Contact Person: KIM, Bora (managing director)

Contact Details: +82-(0)31-672-6121


No. of Persons: 72

Established Since: 1994

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