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We analyzed management of Social Venture and went on a field trip to Health and Social Care Cooperative in Wonju


On May 18th, there was an educational program for the members of the ‘Social Venture Incubating Center’ by our ‘youth support team’. This program was aimed at to improve expertise in management, to properly evaluate their business’s potential outcome and to think about the values that social enterprises pursue.


The first program was ‘Tools for Analyzing Management of Social Enterprise’ by PhD DaeChul Jang of KAIST CSR Research center. In this class, he discussed methods based on how to improve effectiveness of management by standardized methods of analyzing outcomes.


After the presentation, we went on a field trip to the ‘Health and Social Care Cooperative in Wonju’ as well as a nearby Social Enterprise.  By visiting Wonju, where many social enterprises are well-established due to a long history of pro-democratic movements, we were able to learn about the value of social enterprises.


We enjoyed our field trip even while on the road by competing for products that social enterprises such as “Ecomfemme,” “Touch4good” and “Beautiful coffee” had made.



At the ‘Wonju Medical Cooperative Society’, we thought about how ‘democracy’ and ‘solidarity’ are important in managing social enterprises through a presentation by executive director CHOI.



Next, we visited ‘Happy Sirubong’ which makes environmentally-friendly organic rice cakes and employs handicapped people. We enjoyed delicious –even beautiful- rice cakes that are made with high-quality ingredients, and which are then sold at a low price. Our group bought every rice cake they were selling!


Although we couldn’t visit many places due to lack of time, we got to experience the know-how of Social Enterprises in Wonju which take root in a community firmly based on the trust.


By making programs such as our field trip, social enterprises learn more about each others’ efforts, and have the opportunity to interact.  Because of this, we support them to flourish, just as they would us.






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* Only provided in Korean 


 May 2010

Translated by KIM Gyeol

Edited by Tyler Holinger & Marie


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