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Make a business agreement with Kyung-Won University which has established the first Social Enterprise Department in Korea



Kyung-won University has established its first Department of Social Enterprise among universities in Korea, and then the foundation and the university reached an industrial-university cooperation agreement to cooperate together for nourishing students as professionals for social enterprises and conducting research & development at the president's room at 16:00 on the 13th of March

SONG,Wol Joo (the chairman of the Work Foundation Together) and LEE, Gill Ya (the president of Kyung-Won University) promised a variety of business exchanges to promote students as professionals understanding the core values of social enterprises.



Partnership Activities

1. Co-research & development and interaction between the industry and the universityfor nourishing social enterprise

2. Co-development of a academic course and a curriculum for potential social entrepreneurs.

3. Mutual exchange of academic materials, publications and information

4. Active back-up of the management analysis of social enterprise and consultancy support from the  Work Together Foundation if you request

5. Support for students' internship program and study tour

6. Building and participating the supporting network for social entrepreneurship among industry, university and relevant social enterprises.

7. Other matters necessary for the support of activities and cooperation for industry and university cooperation development.


Kyung Won University initially established the social enterprise department in its business graduate school from this year's first semester, and accepted twenty freshmen and then started its course. Before its beginning of the course, Hyundai Kia Automotive Group came up with one-hundred million for the university's social enterprise department as a special scholarship fund and then all of students were benefited from it.   

The social enterprise department plans to educate the students about business theories, strategies and practical know ledges to realize the value philosophy of social entrepreneurship.








Translated by PARK, Sang Oh

Edited by Patrick Ferraro & Marie LEE

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