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On November 13, a social employment workshop by business field (environment and recycling) was held by the Ministry of Labor and the Work Together Foundation at Korea University of Technology and Education based in Cheonan.

This was the fourth social employment workshop by business field; the main theme of the workshop was understanding the prospects and characteristics of environment and recycling businesses, introducing best practices in these field, and supporting the transition from getting social employment support to becoming a social enterprise. 


Twenty-nine CEOs and directors from twenty-two companies which get social employment support, social enterprises, and pre-social enterprises participated in this workshop.

LEE Dong Hyun, the managing director of Korea Recycling & Alternative Company Federation started his training course with an analysis for environment and recycling, and strategies for developing social enterprises. He introduced the cases of People and Environment Ltd. and Beautiful Foundation. He finished his course with an explanation of the way to transition into a recycling social enterprise. 


The participants had time to share their ideas to solve problems, and brainstorm for the development of social employment in the fields of environment and recycling.  



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