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“2008 Capability Building Workshop for Social Employment Project” was held by the Ministry of Labor and the Work Together Foundation on December 15 for two days at JEI Self Learning Centers in Cheonan.

It was targeted at organizations newly participating in the social employment project aiming to discover potential social enterprises in October. The workshop raised the understanding about the social employment project, and built the capabilities of the participants in strategic business planning, human resource management, accounting, marketing strategy, and linking up resources.

DAY 1 started with a “Comment on Social Employment Instructions” by JIN Jin Hee from the Social Enterprise Unit at the Ministry of Labor; a lecture from KIM Ga Young, the youth social entrepreneur; financial education from JOO Jin Hwan; and an “Introduction of Management Practices in Social Employment Projects” by PARK Sung Chul from the Work Together Foundation.

DAY 2 featured a lecture on labor management from CHOI Soong Won, the labor attorney; marketing strategy from KIM Jin Kyung, an associate researcher of HERI; establishing business strategy and a case study from PARK Moon Bong, the director of Social Solidarity Bank; and “The Role and Function of Social Entrepreneurs” from LEE Chul Jong, the CEO of Working Together Corp.

On the last day, the community link-up strategy from KIM Byung Soo, the president of Jeonju Traditional Culture Love Group, and the corporation link-up strategy from KIM Gi Ryong were organized.

278 people from 216 organizations participated in this workshop. They showed their enthusiasm for the social employment project during the workshop and helped envision the future of it.

This workshop was a wrap-up of all the training workshops of the social employment project in 2008.





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