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Hosted and organized by the Ministry of Labor and the Work Together Foundation, the Social Employment Project recipients training workshop was held at Hongik University.


For two days starting on November 24, the participants established an understanding and vision for the Social Employment Project, and discussed solutions for conflict management, as well as stable and developmental social employment project management.


One hundred fourteen people, including directors, managers, and workers of companies which get social employment support and social enterprises participated in this workshop; it consisted of job training, management, cultural events, and community programs.


The courses for policy and job training started with “Social Employment and Social Enterprise Promotion Policies from the Ministry of Labor” by LEE Gang Yeon from the Social Enterprise Unit at the Ministry of Labor, “Establishing a Vision for Social Employment and Social Enterprise” by YOO Yeon Jeong from the Work Together Foundation, “Comment on the Labor Standards Act” by CHOI Sung Won (labor attorney), and “Featured Lecture - Social Entrepreneurs” by PARK Jong Hyo (CEO of Social Entrepreneurs).


A workshop for managing organizations was processed in five small groups organized by a special lecturer from Women Making Peace. CHAE Jung Ho, professor of psychiatry atCatholic University, talked about job stress and optimism. Finally, a professional from EAP educated the participants about “managing job stress and communication” in five small groups. Utilizing registration and dinner time, they organized a stress clinic diagnosing stress and consulting participants.

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