Share a part of your everyday life.

Halfproject is a social venture that aims to help consumers perceive giving to charity differently. We champion the idea of giving on a small scale through everyday common purchases, instead of large annual gifts that require more financial commitment. Halfproject is a medium that consumers who have unconsciously and habitually purchased products can use to easily make donations. By producing goods that are 1/2 of the original product and have the same price as the original, consumers can purchase Halfproject goods and share half of the profits with the poor.

Halfproject, a new concept of social campaigning


Halfproject, a New Concept of Social Campaign!

Through partnerships with business enterprises and NGOs, we design concepts and packaging for 1/2-cut goods and sell them at the same price as the original ones. The monetary value gained from the other half is used for various social services to help the needy through NGOs.


Enterprises that we partner and support

Production and distribution of 1/2-cut goods

Execution of social projects

NGOs and charities

Half the profits are used to produce the goods

Half the profits are donated to the needy



Social Mission:

“Half for others, Half for you! Make donation a part of your everyday life”

The number of the employees: Kim Sung-Jun and Park Ji-Won, co-representatives

Recognitions: Facilitated the 2010 Domino 1/2 Project


Homepage: www.halfproject.org

Twitter: twitter.com/halfproject



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