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Communication Woody is a public interest marketing consulting firm. It was started with a vision of broadening the range of good marketing. It is trying to expand the range of services by which businesses can contribute to society through a number of public interest marketing projects. This also offers a positive image of the brands and products.

Woody attempts to connect serious social problems with the marketing strategies of businesses to promote interesting art and cultural projects. This project is designed to make a profit, which can then be donated to social supporting funds. 


Social Project 1. Campaigning and Marketing for a Social Good

·        With a Cup: Reusable tumbler campaign

It is part of the Slow Life movement. It is about a life in which you can experience slow life, new relationships and communications, and life with Mother Nature.

(Under preparation for Season 2 in 2011)

·        Organizers: Communication Woody, Korean Women's Environmental Network, Naver, Marie Claire


·        I Love Brown Rice: A campaign to improve your diet

There are three elements in this campaign: local organic products, culture and donations. It is about suggesting a healthy diet with organic brown rice, boosting the consumption of brown rice, and raising awareness of problems caused by using agricultural chemicals.

(The campaign was launched and completed in 2010)

Organizers: Communication Woody, SK D&D Fresh Life with Nature, Fissler, O-Chang Agricultural Cooperative.


Social Project 2. Planning and Organization of Volunteer Programs

- It plans and organizes the volunteer programs of businesses. Off-line events, which are difficult and burdensome for businesses as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs, are planned creatively by the volunteer workers with the aim to help people understand the true meaning of volunteer work while having fun.


Social Mission:

While culturally connected to marketing for social good, it expands marketing in ways that benefit the common good, creates contents for the environment and public interest, and builds a 'sharing culture' where empathy and participation are possible.

The number of the employees: Five, including Ka Myun-Jeong and Kim Eun-Jeong, co-representatives

Recognitions: environmental campaigns, With a Cup campaign

Volunteer program: Making a Banat-Jeo-Go-Ri (clothes for a newborn baby) of Love



Phone: 070-8703-3600

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