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Measuring Social Enterprises’ Outcomes by SROI 





 The 19th Social Enterprise Open Forum was held in Gangwon-do Residents Hall in Mapo-gu on May 12 with more than 70 people attending.


 The purpose of this forum was to learn and practice skills regarding the measurement of the value created by social enterprises, with an official theme of ‘Measuring Social Enterprises’ Outcome by Social Return On Investment and Social Reports.’


The Korean SROI, developed by the Work Together Foundation and the Socially Responsible Management Center of KAIST, is a tool that converts social value into an economic indicator to measure the social and economic results of social enterprises. The Work Together Foundation published this outcome as ‘A Guide to the Assessment of Value Creation in Social Enterprises’ last year.


The forum was opened by Prof. RHA June-Young (Department of Business Administration at the Catholic University of Korea) who made a presentation about the definition and application of SROI.




 The forum continued with LEE Go-Eun, a Work Together Foundation consultant, who made a presentation about how to make sustainability report, and BANG Dae-Jin (representative of the Sejong Disabled Children Integration Support Center) and HAN Sang-Woon (director of the Ansan Medical Corporation). They made a presentation about difficulties, case studies, and lessons related to sustainability reports.




Translated by KIM Gyeol

Edited by Patrick Ferraro

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