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The Work Together Foundation won the Prime Minister’s Award 2008 with the acknowledgement of contributing to promoting social entrepreneurship in Korea. It was the first official appreciation for the social entrepreneurship from the Korean government.

The other winners were;

Social Enterprises:











Kyobo Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

SK Telecom





Supporting organization:

Work Together Foundation

The Work Together Foundation is leading efforts to create social jobs and support social entrepreneurship. At the time of the foreign currency crisis, the foundation gave aid for the living costs of 5,380,000 unemployed citizens and their families, representing ten percent of the population of South Korea. We also supported the homeless by helping them find housing and jobs. Since 2006, the foundation has run the first Social Entrepreneur Academy in Korea. It has also conducted research about the unemployment situation and suggested policies for overcoming unemployment. The foundation also carries out many different projects, including campaigns and fundraising, at the same time.

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