Hearing Aid Delight


Delight was founded with an awareness of the fact that the government’s subsidies for hearing impairments are unreasonably low in comparison to the high price of hearing aids. Delight aims to solve the current hearing aid market problems and help many low income hard-of-hearing individuals to get their hearing back. By running an entrepreneurial system, Delight tries to give hope to people who cannot work because of their hearing impairment despite their abilities, and to those who feel isolated from society.


Business Model:

Online supply + Recruiting consumers and making group purchases = Reduced production costs, operating costs and labor costs due to purchasing in bulk



-       Different from the current market in that it sells hearing aids to hearing-impaired individuals who have 130% less average income than that of an urban worker

-       Sells hearing aids to people who are over 65 years old, hearing-impaired people, and recipients of Livelihood Protection Benefits

-       Develops standard hearing aids designed specifically for Korean ears

-       Manufactures hearing aids that are not inferior to the product performance of the products in the current market


Socio-economic Effects

-       Provides work places

-       Reduces social maintenance costs

-       Improves communication between generations

-       Improves the lives of the hearing-impaired


“Make a world where people are not lonely because they can’t afford to pay for hearing”


Number of employees: Nine, including Kim Jung-Hyun, Won Joon-Ho, the representatives

Awards: First Place in the 2010 Social Venture Competition

Recognitions: Nominated as a 2010 Seoul Social Enterprise





Phone: 02-336-7767


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